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Benching systems work well in corporate design, and many offer features including sit-to-stand and built-in soundmasking features, allowing private conversations to stay private, even in open spaces. Mobile pedestal files also work well in these systems, and double as a convenient seat for quick collaborative meetings.


Cubicles also remain a popular option. At Office Gallery, we space-plan each unique office based on your square footage, how many workstations you need, and what storage is required. Then we select one of over 30 finishes to complete the look, including fabric panel workstations and frosted glass toppers.

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Benching Systems

Benching systems are open-concept workstations generally used for quick “touchdowns” (employees coming into the office for a limited time), as opposed to full-time employees located in the office for the majority of their hours. Benching systems offer minimal privacy and are designed specifically with collaboration in mind.

Benching systems are frequently used by sales and real estate professionals, as well as by auditors, junior accountants, and interns. These systems are also frequently seen in call centers.

Full Panel and Semi-Private Workstations

Full-panel workstations are semi-private spaces that include some acoustic considerations through the use of paneling and tack boards, feature storage options such as upper hutches or lower filing cabinets, and provide increased work surfaces. More traditionally, cubicles fit into this category with their laminate, glass, and fabric surfaces that all offer acoustic properties. A more modern take might also include streamlined design, frosted glass, and built-in power and data outlets.

Semi-private spaces are frequently used by engineers and architects who especially need the larger work surface, as well as doctor’s offices and insurance agencies, which require a certain level of privacy for their monitors so that confidential information is obscured. Accounts payable and receivable departments also prefer the additional storage options offered through semi-private spaces.

Private Office Spaces

For organizations that require a certain number of private office spaces but lack the already-constructed walls typically considered a necessity for such a layout, ceiling-to-floor panels offer enhanced adaptability of any space. These panels can help companies avoid construction costs while creating private spaces that can be accented with glass, laminate, and fabric panels.

Private office spaces are typically seen in older, more traditional settings such as law firms or executive suites. These spaces can also be customized should an organization with an otherwise open floor plan realize a need for a conference room, quiet space, or separate department, such as human resources.

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