From desk chairs to conference rooms and reception areas, seating is an important part of making your office inviting and comfortable for both employees and customers. Office Gallery carries a wide range of seating for your office.

Some spaces work best with specific chairs, based on the purpose of the area. No matter what chairs you determine you need, however, you can be rest assured that all of the lines we offer are of the utmost quality and beautifully offer expansive functionality – and can fit your budget!


Ergonomic Seating

Ergonomic seating is the most popular choice in seating, due in large part to their role in preventing injuries as well as their ability to provide the ultimate fit for any body type.

Features include length-sliding seat pans that adjust depending on leg length, ratcheted backs that offer proper lumbar support, and height-adjusting arms to ensure that all angles of the body are positioned at the recommended 90 degrees.

Ergonomic seating comes in a wide range of styles and designs, making it easy to customize desk seating so that it complements an organization’s logo, branding, and color.

Carbon Chair

Reception Seating

You never get a second change to make a first impression, and reception seating is a key part of that initial visual presentation noticed by newcomers to your organization.

Reception seating should accurately reflect the culture of your organization, and many options are available to make that happen. More traditional companies might choose wood frames and fabric seats, while organizations with a contemporary flair might find benches with built-in chargers, mobile club chairs with tablet arms, or sofas that double as a phone booth – providing both privacy and style – better mirror the organization’s essence.

ViLeon 1

Conference Room Seating

For many organizations, the conference room is the showpiece of an office – after all, this is where most visitors to a company will end up. The furniture for a conference room, it then logically follows, is like the accessories for an outfit. And these days the accessories are getting sleeker looking all the time.

Conference room seating should be comfortable but not too comfortable; no one wants never-ending meetings! Given the limited amount of time sitting and the import of the room itself, style is elevated above function – ergonomics are not prioritized, but the overall look of the chair is emphasized.

Frequently we see classy chairs that swivel, tilt and roll – polished chrome accents and white leather are currently very popular. But whatever color and texture palette is decided upon, the conference room offers the opportunity for high design choices.

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Guest Seating

Private offices typically need seating for guests as well as their primary resident. Whether located across from the executive desk or around a working table, guest seating should be comfortable and coordinated with the rest of the office’s furniture.

Typically, guest seating will range from wood-framed fabric chairs to more contemporary mesh back chairs. Again, these seating options can be customized in color and selected by style to coordinate (but not exactly match) the office’s desk chair.



lounge chairs and tableCollaborative Seating

Collaborative seating is a great option to have, especially in more modern organizations where workspaces tend to be more fluid. The common denominator in collaborative seating is their flexibility.

Some options, like spools and small ottomans of different shapes, can be picked up and moved easily into clusters, while still providing a necessary foundation. Other pieces that work well in collaborative seating environments include mobile club chairs with tablet arms, U-shaped sofas, and high-top tables with bar stools. Together, these options provide varieties of support depending on the individuals, and ease of mobility and reconfiguration, depending upon the group and the goal.


high table and chairsCafé Seating

An often overlooked area to strengthen brand awareness and boost employee morale is in the company café, or collaboration space. Through careful selection of chairs in bright colors and coordinated stools that allow for a variety of seating options, the space can be transformed into a welcoming environment that encourages people to take a break, build relationships, and stay healthy.




Perches and Scoops

Think of perches and scoops as enhancements to the stand-up desk. Although many are wary of spending too much of their time sitting, it can be challenging and even stressful on a body to stand for long periods of time as well. Perches are designed to alleviate this, by allowing an individual the ability to rest their legs for a few moments without completely sitting.

Scoops, meanwhile, offer a slightly more “concentrated” experience while working at a stand-up desk. Scoops are similar to balance boards, but not as extreme; still, the user is constantly reminded to keep their core engaged, and can more easily shift their weight while standing.


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