Home Office Desks and Furniture

Working at home has become a more frequent or even permanent "new normal." We are experts in outfitting your home office with the right furniture to keep you productive and comfortable, while fitting the style of your home. We consider the size and materials of the furniture and prioritize how we can increase ergonomics and efficiency in your office space.

Considerations for Home Office Desks and Furniture 

When thinking about what you want your new home office to look like, as well as how it should function, here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Space – how much space are you working with?
  • Separation – is your office in a separate room, or is it sharing a larger space?
  • Lighting – how can you make the most of natural light, and what is needed to augment that?
  • Outdoor elements – how can you bring the outdoors into your interior space?
  • Storage – how much physical storage space do you need?
  • Home aesthetic – are you looking for something that blends into your home, or stands out?
  • Comfort – what are your best options for comfort and productivity

What Our Customers Say About Office Gallery

"The challenge of completely outfitting a huge, expansive new 25,000 square foot office was enormous. But Office Gallery made it easy and created a fantastic work environment for us. All of the elements Mike recommended to us were selected with an eye toward creating an office that met our criteria for being efficient, comfortable, technology-capable, and a place we’d be happy to spend the workday in. They hit the mark in every way."

Linda Kane
Gray, Gray, and Gray Accounting