The right desk can help with both posture and productivity, as well as helping you stay organized. Check out the wide variety of desks we carry. Since desks are important for tasks such as writing and filing, there is a myriad of accessories that can assist desks such as printers, scanners, cabinets, plush seating and the list goes on.

A well-designed desk for your space will improve efficiency as well as bring beauty and style to your office. Office Gallery has the most comprehensive selection in the industry. Several office furniture collections are available to complement your desk.

When determining the best desk for someone, the biggest factors to consider are understanding how someone works, and what kind of space they have to work with. As we start a new office design for someone, we always look at their current space and ask what they do, what they currently use their desk for, which way they plan to face their desk (toward the window, or toward the door), and other considerations. Contractors or city planners who need to frequently consult with blueprints are going to need a huge surface; by comparison, an accountant might need less surface area but want more than one monitor. By understanding how someone works, we can identify a desk that will work for them.

Depending on what kind of space the desk will inhabit also impacts the best selection for that space. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:


Desk Categories

Executive Office/Private Office Desks
With the variety of desks these days, it’s easy to select one that best reflects you and your office, as well as offers the function you need depending on how you work:

The traditional desk:

  • full front panel
  • side return to create an L
    bow front or step-in front
  • real wood desk surface or laminate with wood veneer-looking finishes (saves money!)

Storage considerations:

  • more needed for clutter-free surfaces
  • traditional desk features two-box/file (two “junk drawers” and a file drawer) on one side, and a file/file (two file drawers) on the other
  • mobile pedestal drawer – a file drawer on wheels with a cushion top (which serves as an additional seating option)
  • hutch with closed doors or with open space for storage makes great use of available vertical space
  • two-door cabinet with bookcase hutch on top is a new alternative to a traditional bookcase

The more contemporary desk:

  • metal support legs:  either O- or U-shaped
  • desk surface that appears to float on top of the legs (thanks to offset hardware)    
  • finishes that allow one to reflect their personal style

Surface considerations:

  • look for expanded surface if you like to keep papers and files out for easy access
  • monitor arms can raise computer monitors off the desk surface (and provide the ergonomic benefit of raising your screen to eye level)
  • printer cart, adjacent to a desk, can remove printers and CPUs from desk surface
  • underneath storage of CPUs by installing bracket that hold and suspend the CPU on the underside of the desk, easily accessible when needed but otherwise out of the way
  • a tack board for keeping important papers in sight while brightening a workspace with color (coordinated to the company’s branding)

Underlighting is a must if the office lacks sunshine!

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How important are drawers and storage?
Ask yourself if you’re a piler or a filer.  A piler needs lots of desk top real estate to spread out and a filer prefers their work is neatly filed in drawers.  Are you a paperless company?  Then maybe just a pencil drawer for basic office supplies, charges, etc.


How much space do I have for desks?
We are space planning experts and we love a challenge.  You let us know what you need and we’ll help design the desk that fits in your space.


What is the functionality of my room?
Whether interest is in a break room, conference room, reception or private office, we interview each of our clients to ensure that each space meets their needs, is functional and beautiful.


How durable does my office desk need to be?
We sell only commercial-grade office furniture.  This isn’t a purchase you make every day so why not get it right the first time!?.  The majority of our products are scratch- resistant and very durable – meant to last for years to come.


What lighting situation do I have in my room?
We always consider the placement of your desk in relation to the light in the space.  We think about solar glare, under counter lighting and desk top lighting to come up with the best workspace solution that works.

How much work surface do I need on my desk?
We discuss with our clients how they work and what equipment they have to determine the best size desk that will comfortably fit in their unique space.


What is the standard size of an office desk?
Standard lengths are 48”, 60”, 66” and 72”.  Standard widths are 24”, 30” and 36”.

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We can help you create an amazing office.