New Looks in Bank Branches

OFB Showroom New York

Despite the push over the last couple of years to get more of their customers online or on mobile apps to take care of their banking needs, more than ever banks are now opening new branches – and rethinking the designs of their current ones.  Why this trend now after so much focus on virtual services?  They realize that the right kind of branch is vital to building customer loyalty as well as attracting new customers.

To do this, though, banks are realizing that they can’t just keep building the “traditional” branch.  Rather, they need to offer convenience and accessibility in a welcoming setting.  While Capital One Cafés were way ahead of the curve on this, now more than ever the right look, feel, and layout of a bank branch is vital to this strategy.  

Contemporary pieces that offer both lounge-like comfort and a still-professional atmosphere help create the right balance for the newest bank branches.  Soft modern seating like modular or serpentine chairs that are strategically dotted throughout the space can offer a soft, warm first impression.  Bright and frequent colors (coordinated with branding) and complementary textures as well as standout pieces – maybe adding in a living green wall – will make people feel excited about coming to the branch, and relaxed for as long as they need to stay!

If you’re planning new bank branches – or interested in how to make your old branches more inviting – talk to our team and let us show you all the possibilities!