Investing in Office Design

Supply-chain issues continue to be a concern across the globe, resulting in both higher prices and sometimes longer wait times for certain products.  Given this current situation, we’ve had some clients come and ask us if we think it makes sense for them to delay redesigning their office space, or even wait on ordering some home office pieces.

Our advice – don’t hesitate!

There are a few reasons that we believe employers should forge ahead with their office design plans, but we see the biggest factor right now as employee retention.  As employers try to navigate the challenging waters of hybrid and remote working, they risk making a wrong decision that could lead their employees to leave for somewhere else that is offering them more money and a better work situation.

A work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated is a place where more employees are going to stay.  Office design goes a long way toward creating this kind of environment – specific pieces that help to create collaborative workspaces or quiet, more private areas, furniture that offers comfort and intuitiveness, and design accents that help bring warmth and life into a workspace.     

We even offer home office design services, which is a great added benefit to offer when thinking about how to keep valued remote staff.

We understand the concerns about rising prices for some pieces, and we are doing everything we can to mitigate the impact on our customers.  Still, we have always believed that designing an office space that employees love and want to use is an incredibly important investment.  Spending a little more now might help prevent spending a lot on continually hiring and onboarding new employees.  Let us show you how Office Gallery can help make the most of this investment.