Transitioning to the Permanent Home Office

For many with home offices, what might have started as a temporary space has now turned into a permanent, full-time (or mostly full-time) work area. 

If that’s the case, it’s probably time to forego the extra dining room chair and card table that you’ve been getting by with and invest in some furniture that will help you feel more productive and inspired (and will definitely be more comfortable too!).

A chair is definitely a great place to start when upgrading your home office space.  It’s important that this piece of furniture be both comfortable and supportive.  And with a wide array of styles, fabrics, and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find an office chair that provides the appropriate ergonomic support while also complimenting your home décor.

Similarly, a desk is an important consideration.  Perhaps this is a time to consider a standing desk, or maybe you need a smaller one than what you’re used to so that it can fit into your space.  Maybe you need built-in storage options for your desk, or one with enough surface area to accommodate two or three computer monitors.  All of these are incredibly important considerations – and Office Gallery can help you determine the best fits for your needs, by looking closely at your work area, listening to your current challenges, and designing a solution that works with your space.

External storage files are another consideration, as are fabric boards and bookshelves.  Here too we can provide a wide array of options and styles that help to keep you organized while blending in with your current home design.

If you’re ready to refresh your home office space, get in touch with the Office Gallery team and discover the possibilities!