Creating a Culture of Collaboration

As more organizations adopt hybrid schedules moving forward, they want to make the most of their employees’ time when they’re in the office.  Specifically, times of togetherness are crucial for collaborating, coordinating, and sharing ideas.  The right office furniture can help create that kind of environment.

Hoteling is a great option for cultivating this kind of atmosphere.  Like a hotel lobby, hoteling designs incorporate an open floor plan dotted with different types of seating groups.  This corporate design is conducive to encouraging smaller groups to collaborate.

Where you put your seating is just as important as what kind of seating you choose.  Soft seating options, like club chairs, are definitely popular, as are stools spaced around high-top tables.  These kinds of arrangements offer versatility and flexibility – employees can put their headphones in and work quietly alone for a while in one space, and then quickly shift to shared spaces that encourage working together.

In a similar way, reception areas have become more like concierge stations where employees check in.  Lockers are also becoming a popular add-on to the hybrid office design – with lockers, employees can safely stow their personal belongings, which helps to create a clutter-free environment.

Furniture designers are becoming more creative every day, and as a result, there are a lot of furniture options available that help make spaces more flexible.  Visit us at Office Gallery and we can show you some of the latest in furniture pieces that help make your office a safe, welcoming, collaborative space.