Increase Employee Productivity and Well-being With Office Space Planning

Whether an open office, a traditional corporate environment, a small business, medical office or newsroom, space planning is an essential element of any office design; not only does it maximize efficiency, but also promotes employee well-being. 

Space design should be suited to the specific needs of an organization. Some offices require open space to encourage collaboration while others necessitate cubicles or partitioned areas to minimize noise. An office design planner looks at the entire organization — its employee foot traffic patterns, technology requirements, reception/waiting area needs and more – to come up with a customized layout that dovetails with workflow, procedures and culture. 

Let’s not forget the primary purpose of office space planning…and that is to increase productivity. Studies have shown the direct link between office design and employee team work; as such an increasing number of organizations are opening their eyes to the benefits of office space planning, especially now as more companies are inviting their work force back into the office. 

With the growing re-entry back to the traditional office, organizations should be mindful of the changes needed to accommodate employees in the current COVID and post COVID environment. 

We cannot escape the fact that modifications will be essential to adapt to the health and social norms resulting from the pandemic. Careful office space planning can balance operational needs with employee well-being, creating spaces for both productivity and relaxation. To learn more, visit us at