Client Spotlight: MerchantPro Express (MPX)

Headquartered in Melville, New York, MerchantPro Express (MPX), now a part of FiServ, provides state-of-the-art processing services, advanced point-of-sale equipment, and merchant cash advances to business communities of all different sizes and needs.

Christopher D. Briller founded the New York-based company in 2009  and has always worked from a remote office in his home in Massachusetts.  He built a new home in Westwood last fall, and ordered a Tuohy desk for his new home office from another company right away.  After three months passed and he still had no desk, nor any communication from anyone in the company, he reached out to Office Gallery on the recommendation from a neighbor. 

Molly Robertson of Office Gallery came to his home and walked through the space, talking to him about why he decided on a Tuohy desk as well as other needs he might have for his office.  Through this conversation and walk-through, she made an original drawing that she presented to Chris.  After further discussion and a couple of revisions, she had created a design that met his work needs while blending in with the rest of his home’s design.  Eight weeks later, his “dream office” was completely set up and operational.

Chris’s office makes up about 400 square feet within his Westwood home, and his original need – a large, 84-inch Tuohy desk – is the showcase piece in this space.  However, the more extensive conversation with Molly revealed that Chris also needed a good deal of storage space – both for files as well as some space for displaying photographs and other personal mementos.  His office also features a large window behind the desk, providing beautiful natural lighting.

We incorporated open shelving behind his desk, custom designing it to be wall-mounted and spaced around the large window to create the appearance of built-in shelving made from a beautiful wood that matched his desk.  We also added drawer storage space below the shelves in an accent color.  The office design flows well with the rest of Chris’s home, and features a color palette of white, dark grey and brown in wood veneer and stone materials, which offer a homier, more residential look.  

Additionally, Chris has a television mounted on a separate wall, and we added a cube storage piece under the TV to act like a console while providing additional storage with a softer, less corporate feel.

Continuing to balance the aspects of “home” and “office,” we carefully chose the fabrics for his two guest chairs.  These Krug chairs are very comfortable and wrapped in contrasting fabrics – weathered leather around the back, and a softer fabric around the front – that complement the existing colors and surfaces throughout the office.

When designing home offices, Molly uses her previous experience as a design associate with a regional residential furniture store combined with her knowledge gained from earning her certificate in residential interiors from Boston Architectural College to achieve the perfect balance between professional and residential.

Our business was founded on designing home offices.  We have the experience and sensibilities to help people working remotely realize how much more their home office could be.  It was a pleasure working with Chris and helping him design his beautiful home working space. 

“The whole process of having someone come in, help with the design, come up with ideas and get my buy-in – that was the best part.  It was a great experience working with the Office Gallery team, and I couldn’t be happier with the way my home office came out.”

~Chris Briller, president and CEO, MPX

Westwood, Massachusetts
(516) 448-8121