Going Back to Our Roots with Home Office Furniture and Design Services

With a history that spans more than 30 years, Office Gallery International has witnessed and adapted to many trends that have come and gone, and returned again, in office furniture and design.

And with the latest surge in teleworking, we are returning to our roots, as Office Gallery initially built its business throughout the early 1990s on designing and furnishing the home office.

Back then, people were starting to get home personal computers, but didn’t know where to put them or how to create a working space that was functional but still complimented their homes.  We helped them customize these spaces to create a productive and attractive environment.

Slowly, home offices decreased in numbers over the years as many home businesses shifted into corporate office spaces as they grew.  We were ready for this shift, providing not only furniture but much needed office design services that allowed organizations to improve efficiencies, enhance the working environment, and reflect the company’s culture.

Now, with the sudden recent shift that has sent countless individuals out of their offices and back home, people are starting to realize they’re not as well set up as they could be.  We’re helping clients who are finding themselves working back at home with little preparation, and realizing that they don’t have a great desk, their chair is uncomfortable, or the lighting is off.

Given that home office design was a core part of our business for so many years, we’re uniquely positioned to prioritize this service.  Additionally, both Erin Curran and Molly Robertson, who have joined the Office Gallery design team over the last two years, have backgrounds in home furniture design, which provide additional expertise in home office design.

That said, planning a home office is not that different from a workspace office.  Ergonomics is still first and foremost the number one priority.  Ergonomic placement of a laptop or personal computer is key, as is determining a space for any peripheral items.  At Office Gallery, we offer both traditional and sit-stand desks and other home office needs that feature a homier feel and blend well with someone’s current home décor.  We also use Project Matrix software that allows us to create 3D images of a space to better plan and visualize the design.

As we move forward, we may see some companies realize they can operate just as effectively with some of their staff members working from home some or all of the time.  They may opt for less space, and offer employees a home office furniture and design stipend instead.

Additionally, the idea of providing as many workspaces as possible will give way to a slightly adapted social distancing stance, with more personal space, and even cubicles and walls made from glass and laminate panels instead of fabrics.  While fabric is typically used to help absorb peripheral sounds, other techniques, such as sound masking, work well to alleviate this issue without the worry of cleaning fabric.

Office Gallery has always designed offices with the users’ overall wellness in mind, whether they be located at home or in a professional space.  Now more than ever, we continue to carry out that commitment.