Considering an Office Re-Design – Why Not?

An office lobby with chairs

Although there are many reasons for an organization to consider updating their office’s look, there are always counter-rationalizations that prevent them from acting.  Here are some of the more common excuses:


You’re way too busy to even think about an office re-design, let alone take time out to visit multiple showrooms, not to mention the disruptions resulting from installation.  Office Gallery makes updating your office easy.  We work with you to find times to fit your schedule.  You can come to our showroom to try out furniture, or we can come to you with pictures, fabric and color samples, and even a proposed new design layout of your office using our TecSlate technology.  When your furniture is ready to be installed, our installers work with you to develop a schedule that works within your framework and keeps down time to an absolute minimum.

No Eye for Design

Some people are hesitant to embark on an office project because they’re afraid they don’t have the right artistic taste and so might be better off just making do with what has been in the office since the dawn of time.  We can help!  We are designers, taking the guesswork out of that for you and helping to design a space that beautifully reflects your business, your employees, and your mission.  We have the training and experience of working with a variety of different businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes.  We’ll meet with you to discuss your goals and ideas, and come up with a design that elevates the look and feel of your office to the next level!


A lack of appreciation for the impact of a professionally designed office space is another stumbling block along the way to a standout workspace.  Some think it’s an unneeded expense – after all, we already have enough desks and chairs, and they work fine, so why should we replace them?  Yet the visual look of your office space not only represents who you are as an organization to any outside visitors – including clients, prospective clients, vendors, and other partnering organizations – but also creates an environment in which your employees feel important, respected, and taken care of.  This then contributes to higher levels of employee engagement and retention, as well as recruitment of similarly-minded employees.


One of the biggest (and not surprising) issues we hear about preventing people from taking the plunge for an office re-design is money.  But we think you’ll be surprised.  Talk to us – we can work with a range of budgets, and can suggest finishes and products that achieve the desired results but with less impact on the bottom line.

Once you commit to redesigning your office space, you’ll wonder why you ever hesitated!