Client of the Month: East West Mortgage

East West Mortgage was founded in February 2018 by Chris Anderson, a well-known figure in the Boston area who has long been at the forefront of mortgage lending and real estate in Boston, with a strong track record of helping Boston residents get mortgages and of giving back to the community.  The business quickly took off, and by the end of the year they had closed their first loan and grew their company team to around 10.  East West Mortgage is licensed by the Massachusetts Division of Banks as a mortgage company and can write mortgages throughout the state.

Chris is also principal of Greater Boston Management, which is also located at 100 Hallet Street, and it was in this office that the relationship with Office Gallery began.  Kerrie Anderson, human resource manager for East West Mortgage and Chris’s wife, says that they reached out to Office Gallery to help them refresh their executive office, conference room, and reception space at Greater Boston Management about a year prior to starting East West Mortgage, and felt Office Gallery’s work was amazing from the start.  As a result, when it came time to furnish East West Mortgage, using Office Gallery wasn’t even a question.

The space for East West Mortgage was a build-out – completely gutted and reconfigured prior to launching the lending business.  Office Gallery assisted with the design and layout of the entire office, including reception, conference room, private offices, and a “bullpen” area, which offers smaller desks for mortgage originators to work from if they’re coming in for just a small window of time before heading back out to meet a client.

Given the nature of their business, we came up with a creative solution that ensured confidentiality could be maintained while still reflecting a welcoming environment.  We selected walnut workstations with wrap-around frosted flexi-panels that offer privacy.  In alcove nooks we custom-designed storage units that unified the space.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and their new white semi-circle reception desk is the real showstopper.  Topped off with some great looking seating, and we had a winner. 

The conference room at East West Mortgage is slightly smaller than a traditional conference room, so we made sure to maximize the space it offers.  By selecting chairs that convey professionalism but in a smaller footprint, and thinking ahead of time about the shape of the conference room table, we were able to ensure that up to six people could be comfortably accommodated in the meeting room.

We very much enjoyed working with Greater Boston Management and were honored to be given more of the Andersons’ business by outfitting their new venture and creating a space for East West Mortgage that represented the sense of welcoming and professionalism they were looking to convey.  We wish them the best as they continue growing their business!

“Working with Office Gallery was amazing from the start.  We reached out initially for help on a smaller project, and we were so impressed with our interactions that it wasn’t even a question we would use them again when we had a bigger office space to design and furnish.  We especially appreciated their abilities to brainstorm with us and make our ideas into design reality, as well as keeping our budget very reasonable.”

~Kerrie Anderson, Human Resource Manager, East West Mortgage

100 Hallet Street
Boston, Massachusetts