Spotlight on Spacesaver’s Unbound Collection

Spacesaver Unbound Collection

Office Gallery is excited to introduce one of its newest product lines – the Spacesaver Unbound Collection.

The Spacesaver Unbound Collection crafts space to collaborate, communicate and create.  It offers a wide array of options for companies moving toward increased collaborative spaces and shared desks. From day lockers of all sizes to shelving systems and stackable racks to actual mobile walls that slide side-to-side to fashion custom-sized rooms in minutes, the Spacesaver Unbound Collection combines functionality with technology.

Need a small room with a whiteboard space to accommodate a one-person work session?  How about a large room for an on-the-fly team meeting?  Do your employees need a place to store their belongings? The flexibility of this collection is truly amazing as it allows you to configure and reconfigure spaces as and when needed, and offers possibilities for organizations of all kinds and sizes.  For example, the gift shop at the Seattle Public Library uses pieces from the collection to minimize its footprint when not in use, and GE relied on the Spacesaver Unbound Collection for its Design Center/Think Tank space – within its headquarters.

The Spacesaver Unbound Collection is today’s solution to an age-old issue – creating the exact office space you need when you need it.  Interested in learning more?  Be sure to stop into our showroom to experience the possibilities for yourself and your organization!