Why We Don’t Outsource Installation

Office Gallery Delivery Team

Here at Office Gallery, we know our strengths.  We focus on what we do best, so that we can do it our very best.  Some things – like web development, or public relations – we outsource, by partnering with pros who specialize in these services and take the time to understand our business.  But there are certain tasks that we recognize contribute directly to the overall client experience, and with those responsibilities, we make sure to fulfill ourselves.

Furniture delivery and installation is one of those things.

Sure, it would be easy enough for us to contract out the delivery of the orders with another firm – most businesses in our industry do that.  But we feel the delivery and installation is integral to the overall client experience Office Gallery strives to offer.

Our dedicated delivery and installation team – Chris Mathews and Scott Taylor– have been with Office Gallery for over 10 years each.  They are just as committed as anyone who works at Office Gallery to making sure that our clients love their new furniture, and the whole process that goes into the finished product.  They offer a level of white-glove treatment that we simply couldn’t offer if we outsourced this job.

If you’ve ever seen them at work, you know they operate at a different level.  They barely need to speak to each other, but still coordinate effortlessly – it’s like a perfectly choreographed dance how they get the furniture delivered and installed!  They are also carefully examining and inspecting every piece, to make sure your furniture arrives as you’ve ordered it, in the right fabrics and colors and with no damage incurred during transit.  They make sure the installation goes smoothly, and if there is something unexpected, they are able to resolve any issues.  And once they’re done, they leave our clients’ offices clean and ready to occupy!

So we’ll continue to let someone else update our website or write a press release for us…but delivery and installation?  We’ll keep handling that ourselves!