Recognitions of Our Family Business

Earlier this month, we were notified that we had been named a recipient of the 2018 Family Business Exchange Award!  We are honored to be selected, and are very grateful for the additional accolades we have achieved earlier this year – including an honorable mention from Wicked Locals Readers Choice, and (for Hilary), being named an Outstanding Woman of Family Business.

Although any award is exciting, the family business awards have been particularly gratifying.  While family businesses have challenges that can at times seem more complicated and convoluted than non-family businesses, they also come with a special sense of investment and reward.  Given the history of this company, we know that we not only represent Office Gallery as it is today, but the special reputation it has built over the years from the original family owners.  We also appreciate the responsibilities our actions hold for the future, and consider ourselves guardians in a way, for all that Office Gallery encompasses, including our focus on quality and excellence, our selections for only the best product lines, and the individuals who make up our clients and our staff members (whether family or practically family).

Being recognized as a leader among family businesses we believe means that we’re doing something right – that we’re not taking anything for granted, and that we’re respecting our organization’s past while ensuring its future success.  We are very grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success, and who continues to inspire us toward greater things.