Spring into Color!

In the spirit of April and Earth Day (April 22), we are thinking spring, when the world turns green and everything seems new again!  Many people think of spring cleaning for their home, but maybe your office needs a little spring-like renewal as well.  Adding color is a great way to achieve this.

The idea of office furniture may bring to mind nondescript utilitarian desks and chairs, but there is SO much more to consider these days.  Desk chairs, for example, are not only designed to provide support and stability, but can also be customized in your favorite shade or logo color:

Who knew desk chairs could be fun?!

New Workpads also help to brighten up your workspace while helping you be healthier at the same time with its adjustable height that lets you work while sitting or standing – with only one piece of equipment needed:

These pops of color are great for branding continuity, and also support an enhanced work environment – providing an energizing look throughout your office space.  For more color options, or to really get a sense of what a little splash of hue can do to change your overall outlook (not to mention how it affects collaboration and productivity), come visit us at our showroom and see how exciting office furniture can be!