I’m not just the president, I’m a client, too…

We don’t just offer our office design services to our customers, we put them to work for ourselves as well!  After all, we want to be set up to be as productive as possible – to be best positioned to help our clients, as well as to set a good example!

Take Hilary’s workspace:  given that her desk is also part of the office furniture showroom, it must look good and function well.  Since Hilary is frequently looking at fabric swatches, surface finishes, and binders filled with additional customizable options, she needs the desktop real estate to spread out.  As a result, her L-shaped desk has little on its surface in a permanent position.  She uses an accessory rail for her go-to resources like pens, pencils, and scissors, which lifts everything off the work surface, and she keeps her binders in a hutch with built-in above storage capabilities.  She also uses a suspended magnetic board that can keep her phone at eye level and hold reminder notes in place.

Conscious to not spend all her time sitting at her desk, Hilary has a sit-to-stand surface option on one side of her workspace.  She takes advantage of this area by keeping her laptop here, which is what she uses for any bookkeeping, payroll, or other accounting functions.  Additionally, when she’s conducting binder research, she’ll typically use this area to flip through the pages of office furniture and corporate design offerings.

Brick red-colored glass doors on the above-storage hutches are coordinated to Office Gallery’s overall identity, but these doors can be coordinated to match any Benjamin Moore paint color.  Sound masking artwork called “Hush Tiles” in the same color not only strengthens the branding but also helps to keep sound at a pleasant level, no matter the number of people visiting the office furniture showroom at once.  We welcome you to come in and take a look for yourself!