Office Furniture: One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to office design services, Office Gallery recognizes that the office furniture needs of one industry will most likely be very different from the needs of another.  Take CPA firms, for example.  This time of year especially sees many tax accountants spending an inordinate amount of time at their desks – and given their workloads, their workspaces must work for them.  Through our corporate design services offerings, we create spaces that can easily host two or sometimes even three monitors, plus a laptop, and offer ample desk space.  Our office interior design services also make sure there’s plenty of room for interns, and we change the layout of the workspace for auditors, who spend more of their time on the road.

Real estate is another industry with diverging needs.  On one hand, due to the highly competitive nature of the business, brokers want to project the best possible image to attract customers and attract and retain real estate agents.  On the other hand, the work spaces need to allow agents to come in, touch down, and then move on, not camp out.  Some of these spaces might host two or three agents over the course of the day, so the layout needs to be flexible enough to work with a variety of styles.

Any designer can come in and make an office look pretty, but for the success of the business it needs to be functional too.  What that looks like for one company may be totally different than another, but by recognizing this, you are on your way to creating an attractive office that also enhances the productivity of your employees.