“Hoteling” – A Collaborative Workspace for Your Office

Earlier this month we talked about the relationships that have built Office Gallery into one of Boston’s most trusted office furniture suppliers.  We’re fortunate to have a strong team in place with great working relationships.  For companies that need their employees to work together, and count on them to do so efficiently and effectively, the right kind of office design is critical toward creating collaborative work spaces in which work can get done, and working relationships can develop and strengthen.

Hoteling is a popular concept in corporate design currently, and can be replicated in virtually any meeting space.  The idea is to think about a hotel lobby.  In picturing this, most people can see an open floor plan dotted with different types of seating groupings – a sofa on one side of the room, round tables with chairs on another, high tops and bistro seating in one corner, and booths in another.  This kind of corporate design – also known as “resimercial” (a combination of residential and commercial) – is great for encouraging smaller groups to collaborate, and helps them feel less constrained by formality (and therefore more creative in their problem-solving!).  Benching systems work well in this type of corporate design too, and many pieces of furniture also come with built-in soundmasking features, allowing private conversations to stay private, even in open spaces.  Best of all, much of the office furniture comes in a range of colors – offering the ability to coordinate easily with the current office design, or to add a splash of color when needed.

Good working relationships are important in any business.  The right furniture can help foster these relationships, and provide a great return on investment.