Sound masking can make all the difference in open, collaborative office environments

We know that you want to design the most inviting office environment for your current employees as well as to attract new employees. You want to promote collaboration, interactivity, and creativity, but open office spaces can create problems that weren’t ever considered in a traditional office environment. For example, some of our clients have told us that controlling noise, while also considering their employees’ privacy and the security of their information, can be a challenge.

We’re excited to tell you that we’re working with Archoustics Northeast to offer the LogiSon® Acoustic Network, an award-winning sound masking system that reduces noise in office environments, particularly those with wide open spaces and higher ceilings.

This networked sound masking, paging, and music system is installed in hundreds of millions of square feet worldwide and has received numerous awards for innovation, performance, and ease of use. We’ve installed the system at our showroom in Norwood, MA and we can’t believe the difference. Our space is wide open and has very high ceilings, which could be a noise pollution nightmare. But with LogiSon, we can conduct a meeting at one end of the showroom, consult with a client, and hold phone conversations at the same time, without any interference.

The LogiSon system distributes a soothing background sound, similar to softly blowing air, throughout your facility. The sound masks frequencies in speech, which helps to increase privacy and reduce disruptions. It also covers incidental noises that would otherwise affect your employees’ comfort levels and concentration. It will become such a positive addition to your collaborative office environment and social spaces.

Typically, the system’s loudspeakers are installed in a grid-like pattern above a suspended ceiling. They also blend in with other exposed components in open ceiling applications. Small zones and fine control over both volume and frequency allow the masking sound to be customized to local conditions, ensuring that it’s comfortable and effective across your entire space.

Contact us to learn more about LogiSon. You have to hear it to believe it!