Solutions for Transitioning to the Open Office Environment

Workshelf Benching System

The open office environment promises a collaborative workspace that promotes the free flow of ideas and encourages impromptu meetings and discussions. In this environment, your staff chooses where they work every day, from sit to stand desks to conference rooms with glass walls to comfortable soft spaces, with sofas that incorporate ports for plugging into and charging devices. This office design encourages brainstorming and teamwork. The space has a casual, modern feel that will help you attract and retain valuable staff.

However, with no dividing walls and, in some cases, high ceilings, the open office environment can be noisy. Noise is particularly a problem for employees who are transitioning from a traditional cubicle environment. We have heard stories of staff combatting noise pollution by wearing ear buds. Some schedule conference rooms to concentrate. Others go outside to make a phone call. This certainly defeats the purpose of an environment created to enhance teamwork and inspire creative thought.

To solve this problem, we offer the LogiSon® Acoustic Network, an award-winning sound masking system that reduces noise in offices with open spaces. The LogiSon system distributes a soothing background sound, similar to softly blowing air, throughout your facility. We installed it in our showroom, and the result is amazing.

Privacy can also be a problem in an open office environment. You want to assure that your organization’s information is secure. Also, you want your staff to feel comfortable when they are conducting meetings in which they may be discussing confidential personnel issues or proprietary topics.

We offer a wide selection of office furniture designed specifically to give your staff the privacy that they need. Acoustic office furniture adds sound absorbing surfaces to the workspace by creating dividers and quieter spaces for work or meetings. Acoustic privacy sofas provide an inviting space for meetings, small group training, or a place to work or grab a coffee with a colleague.

These solutions will help your staff transition to the collaborative space that you envision.

Contact us to see the LogiSon Acoustic Network sound masking system and our selection of office furniture that is designed specifically to solve the problem of privacy in an open office environment.