Spectacular design and furnishings at Highland-March’s Marina Bay Facility

Once again, we have delivered the “wow” factor – this time for Highland-March Workspaces at its new, 47-office complex in Quincy’s Marina Bay.

Highland-March Workspaces provides furnished offices and support services for area businesses. They recently opened 40 furnished, serviced offices, in addition to several training rooms and conference centers at their 18,500 square-foot location on the top floor of 500 Victory Road at the posh Marina Bay. The space is designed for start-up businesses, manufacturers’ representatives, and businesses transitioning in size.

Many of these elegantly designed and furnished offices and conference centers boast spectacular ocean views and views of the Boston skyline, making this both a perfect location for a permanent office and an ideal location for meetings and training sessions.

Highland-March owners Leslie Libeskind and Kim Morin gave us the go ahead to design and furnish the individual offices as well as the common areas. Leslie Libeskind has worked with us for many years. She said that since they are adding new offices on a rolling basis, they enjoy working with us because we understand their needs and provide the flexibility to work with them as they expand.

Designing and equipping office space is very different today than it was even five years ago. There are so many options available. Today’s business people want sharp, functional furniture that blends well with technology.

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