From One Couple to the Next: Office Gallery Adapts to the Future

Mike and Hilary have not only seen the business transition owners, but also its focus. Though the company was initially geared around home of!ce furnishings, the pair noted that the industry is changing. Workers have shifted away from desktop computers to more flexible laptops and tablets, eliminating the need for a traditional, stationary home office space.

“About 50 percent of our customers want a sit-stand desk,” Hilary said, highlighting one in the showroom that acclimates electronically.

As companies change office layouts from cubicles to open floor plans, benching system desks have become increasingly common, so the company has made that option available as well. Mike noted that there can be little privacy in an office with an open floor plan to make personal phone calls, so the company also offers a privacy sofa with built-in outlets on the armrest and a soundproof panel that extends above the chair.

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